Recent work

In playapps we have developed solutions in various fields with the help of our customers, to improve productivity in their business. Are some examples

  • Grupo Moldtrans - logistic management

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    Grupo Moldtrans,Spanish leader in the logistics sector
    We developed an android app for managing packages delivery on real time, thus the carriers themselves inform both, headquarters Moldtrans as the final customer office, the delivery status. The app conect with a central system, getting the deliveries orders, so the truck drivers are informed about what they have to do. When a package is delivered, the order is signed on the smartphone by the final customer and the app sends a email to Moldtrans headquarters and also to the customer headquarters. So everyone is informed about the delivery state.

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    Main Features

    Offline conection with central server 
    Sign screen on the smartphone
    Take and save a photo
    Incidents management


    Grupo Moldtrans and his logo its a register brand, owned Grupo Moldtrans


We are android developers.We have worked for many companies developing android corporate apps.


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